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This page exists as somewhere for my thoughts to go. Creation, in any form, anything and everything. Before you love others pure and true, love yourself, for you'll always be you. EMAIL:

-Erika Lane
La Luna
-Erika Lane

Awake, in this

floating state I wonder:

what brings me this tingle -

this rushing -

this blood beating heavy.

These particles inside me

come close - just barely :

a whisper – collision

then slowly explode.

In pieces I’m drifting,

in corners of spaces

 I see myself there - over there - and here too.

I search for lost treasure

It’s buried in emerald

digging and digging

this pull far below

This high causes buzzing

it rings all around me

it creeps up like 

(madness) that’s lived all along.

Time: quiet, laughing.

Perpetual joker;

we clasp on

and let go

of versions we once held.

-Erika Lane

By Rafaela Carrillo
-Erika Lane
l i f e 
-Erika Lane
Happy FULL MOON / SuperMoon in Pisces September 8th 2014!


Finding myself floating in a dark room

next to someone who resembles

salt grains in glaciers floating

never falling, nor traversing the cold blue

that encompasses her in summer,

the same as winter.

She could melt like wax museum stereotypes

to fit in with her friends’ mellow-hype.

If only her salt would lighten up

and float to the top like angel dust,

or like back handed nuanced gossip

that perpetually floats to the top

minding less the density and more the intensity.

Myself? I’m the crisp frost

blowing all encompassing; deliverance for

her eternal encasement from exposure.

So as the paralytic incubator to never

be chipped and pollinated

with freckles of light to make salt-water.

A coldly desperate child may make an igloo

from me, but there is only one structure that

they will never see, that she will always be.

She’s the reason the glacier moves unseen.

-Grant Durando

Joshua Tree

July 2014

-Erika Lane


i have a poem to write

about a little bird

who chirped and chirped

all day in his cage

without ever being heard

then one day there was a girl

in her chest she heard a pound

startled she stopped, she looked about,

she said

hey! what’s that sound?

It thudded and thudded

her panic it grew

it threw her to the floor

where there she wept

for 30 nights

or so the story goes…

she wept and grieved, her heart

it broke

into countless tiny pieces

and when she rose

she heard the birds song

now she sees

now she hears

now she knows

-Sofia Kohl Enggren

Photos by Michael Okyere

It is important to always keep your good character - and always live by it even if:

1.) Others don’t notice

2.) Others don’t have the same sense of character.

Keep your good heart always, your good character strong - you noticing that within yourself is a reward all it’s own. 

-Erika Lane